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Electric Folding Bike Flebi Supra Eco

€849.00 €1,099.00

The philosophy of the Supra family at the best price. Electric, foldable and lightweight, with everything you need to succeed. The Flebi Supra...

Urban electric bike Uualk Sun

€949.00 €1,520.00

Bicicleta elèctrica de ciutat amb sensor de par que li dóna un plus de sensibilitat i confort que molt poques bicicletes del mercat ofereixen...

Electric urban bike Neomouv Carlina

From €1,101.75 €1,469.00 -25%

The Carlina has medium-end equipment and a 13Ah battery, with a very competitive price. Available at this price with V-brake instead of...

Electric multipurpose bicycle Flyer C8

€1,500.00 €3,099.00

High-end passeig electric bicycle with a brand new 13Ah battery.

Great robustness, motor torque and autonomy with a geometry of great...

Electric urban bike Carmela 24 by Oh!bike

€1,687.50 €2,250.00 -25%

The Carmela 24 is an electric bicycle designed in Barcelona, ​​compact and exceptionally light in its category (15 kgs).
It has a compact...