renting bici electrica mensual subscripcio robatori

Our flexible renting of ebike!

ALL INCLUDED for only €45/month

Enjoy an electric bike without worrying about always having it ready and with the peace of mind of theft insurance!

Preventive maintenance every 6 months or 50km, whichever comes first 7

Full mechanical warranty (1)

Replacement bike (2)

Helmet, safety lock and charger included

Civil liability insurance

  • Civil liability of the bicycle driver up to €150,000
  • In case of disability or death of the driver up to €6,000
  • In case of personal damage up to €2,000 in medical expenses
  • Legal defense without limit, for example in case of being damaged by third parties.
  • En route assistance in the event of an accident through RACE to be returned to the workplace, home or hospital if necessary.

Theft insurance (3)

  • Parking on public roads using a padlock provided by VAIC linked to a fixed element between 7am and 9pm
  • Inside restricted access premises between 9pm and 7am with a padlock provided by VAIC linked to a fixed element

VAT included

Consult the available bicycle models: folding electric bike,city electric bike and other models

Now special offer t7o celebrate VAIC 10th anniversary

First 3 months of stay, and then you can cancel whenever you want!

For people living in the Vallès, who do not work as deliverymen, while stocks last

(1) The contract includes the full mechanical warranty, i.e. any subsequent repairs due to the condition of the bicycle and its normal use, and provided that there is no direct irresponsibility of the customer in the breakdown. The suitability and time to carry out the repair must be agreed between the two parties, within a maximum period of 72 hours from the lessee notifying the lessor. In case there is responsibility of the user for having misused it, the necessary repairs will be carried out at the request of the tenant and will be charged depending on the service according to the labor price in force at the VAIC workshop .

(2) Replacement urban electric bicycle. It is not guaranteed that a bicycle with the same features and accessories will be available. If the user does not want the replacement bicycle offered, VAIC undertakes to have the bicycle ready within a maximum period of 72 hours from the time of delivery, as long as it is maintenance operations derived from normal use .

(3) If these conditions are contravened, they would be excluded from coverage for theft. The lessee is obliged to present a copy of the complaint with all the documentation to VAIC within a period not exceeding 72 hours. In the event that this term is exceeded or the documentation is incomplete, the lessee will fully assume the cost of all the stolen material. In the event that the lessee presents all the documentation within 72 hours, the lessee will only have to bear the cost of the deposit as a deductible for the theft insurance.

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