Folding electric bikes

Do you have to store your bicycle on a flat, in a small space and take it up in an elevator? Do you have to transport your bicycle on the train at peak times? Do you park on the outskirts of the city and then want to pedal to your destination? The folding bike is your solution. Easy, safe, sustainable and will allow you to save.

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Urbanbiker Niza


El model Niza és un model de bicicleta elèctrica urbana de plegat clàssic. El pes total és de tot just 20 kg, les cobertes estan reforçades amb...

Tern Vektron S10


La millor bicicleta elèctrica plegable del mercat amb motor Bosch. Tecnologia punta i software sempre a la última amb un model plegable especialment robust que et permetrà fer de tot.