Qeridoo Trailers

The German company Qeridoo has been producing bicycle trailers for children for more than 13 years. It also has a team of specialists that works to introduce new innovative, personalized and quality ideas. As most of its products are used for the transport of children, the brand prioritizes the safety of its products: high stability and quality in construction, always using safe and sustainable materials.

Qeridoo has managed to place products with a level of quality very close to the most famous brands of trailers but practically at half of the price, which has allowed them to grow rapidly. Come and try them because they will surprise you.


Official service Queridoo, technical advice, sale of accessories, maintenance and workshop in Sant Cugat and Barcelona.

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Remolc Qeridoo Sportrex 1 2018

Carretó de bicicleta per a 1 nen amb suspensió regulable BDS. Pot ser utilitzat com a remolc, cotxet de passeig o per anar a córrer.
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