CatEye Accessories

CatEye is one of the leading manufacturers of mopeds, lights and reflectors for cyclists in the world, with products that are characterized by their high reliability, design and useful life. For more than six decades from Japan, has been a market leader, presenting constant innovations such as the first intermittent light for bicycles in 1964. In 1981 CatEye launched its first cyclocomputer and now offers a full range of computers to meet the demands of cyclists from around the world, with different technologies such as altimeter, heart rate and cadence among others, for the different requirements of each one. In 2001, they launched the first white LED light for bicycles.  

At the technological forefront and with its proven reliability, their products are a safe purchase.  

CatEye Official service, technical advice, sale of accessories, maintenance and workshop in Sant Cugat and Barcelona.

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