Bicycle and scooter workshop by appointment

As we know that your time is very important, and the organization of our space and staff as well, we offer you the possibility of making a workshop appointment in advance to repair your bicycle or scooter


Formación oficial de los principales motores del mercado

Every year we attend the technical courses of the main motor brands on the market in order to stay up to date on the latest news and the most common problems, and obtain official technical service accreditation: Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano, Brose, Fazua...

taller especialista bicicleta electrica VAIC Sant Cugat


Workshop equipped to repair all types of bikes

We have the experience, tools and specific machinery to perform complete maintenance on any mechanical or electric bicycle, as well as electric scooters.

Specialized technical staff

Apart from being the official technical service of the main motorizations, we have electronic technicians with knowledge for the general repair of the problems that the different components of an electric bicycle or scooter can present, such as the display, the controller, the lights or the battery. We also have a specific analyzer to assess the state of batteries and chargers for electric bicycles from any manufacturer.

Replacement bike

As we are guided by the idea that you will never be left without a bicycle to continue carrying out your life normally, if you have bought your bicycle from VAIC when you come to repair or check it we will leave you a replacement bicycle whenever you need it!. We accompany your life by bike!

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