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Uualk is the Catalan brand that has most opted to carry electric bicycles with a torque sensor at a competitive price. This has been achieved by introducing this kind of technology in wheel mounted motors that are much cheaper than the central engines that dominate the medium and high gamma market.

In this way, these bicycles also allow you to receive electrical assistance proportionally to the pedaling force, start immediately when you press the pedal, and optimize battery consumption. Their models have a clear vocation of transport vehicle, comfortable and prepared to carry the necessary accessories for everyday life.

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Electric urban bike Uualk Sun

€1,444.00 €1,520.00 -5%
La nova Uualk Sun 2015 encara és més fàcil de portar que la seva predecessora. És una mica més curta i de mida més manejable, i incorpora un nou controlador que la fa més silenciosa i li dóna una empenta extra a les pujades. Semblava impossible...