Flebi Electric Bikes 

The Spanish brand Flebi is a specialist in the manufacture of folding electric bicycles that take up little space so that they are easy to transport, and light. They are manageable and can be combined with any other means of urban transport.

They probably have the best-selling small-wheel electric bicycle model at home, such as the popular Supra model. The element that most distinguishes Flebi from the competition is the way that the bike folds, which imitates the style of Brompton and, unlike the vast majority of folding models, allows it to be dragged on the wheels much more easily.


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Electric folding bike Flebi Supra 2.0

From €1,124.10 €1,249.00 -10%

Do you have little space at home? Do you want to take it on vacation in the trunk of your car or caravan? The Flebi Supra 2.0 is the most compact bike without sacrificing a hint of engine help, and it will take you where you want with just the...

Bicicleta eléctrica plegable Flebi Supra 3.0 LITE


The philosophy of the Supra family at the best price. Electric, foldable and light, with everything you need to succeed. The Flebi Supra e-bike v3.0 lite is the newest model in the Supra range that offers good equipment for the best price in...

Electric folding bike Flebi Supra 3.0+


The Flebi Supra e-bike v3.0 + is the most versatile and compact bike in the Flebi family. The 14Ah, 505 Wh capacity battery provides 22% more capacity and autonomy, enough to exceed 100km in the softest mode and ensure 50km in the most...