Urban Arrow electric bikes

Urban Arrow is a manufacturer of electric cargo bicycles based in Amsterdam, with more than 10 years of development, they position themselves as leaders in this market, managing to produce a range of high-level bicycles with the focus to promote the transformation towards a more sustainable society.

The company has a close collaboration with Bosch, which allows each model to configure even the type of engine it mounts, giving an extra point of customization that no other brand is capable of delivering.

The wide variety of models is also accompanied by a greater range of accessories specially designed for each one and for the different needs that the brand's customers may have, in addition to providing unparalleled durability and usability.


Urban Arrow official service, technical advice, sale of accessories, maintenance and workshop in Sant Cugat and Barcelona.

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Electric Cargo Bike Urban Arrow Family

From €5,290.00

The Urban Arrow Family is an ideal bike for family life in the city. It combines the elegance of its design with robustness and safety thanks to...

Electric Cargo Bike Urban Arrow Cargo L

From €5,916.90

The Urban Arrow Cargo L and XL are part of the Urban Arrow business line. Urban Arrow positions itself as a leader in this sector thanks to the...